So you want to know how to create an app? How to make an app can result difficult if we don’t follow the right process and know where to find the right resources and toolbox. On our site, we will provide solutions and tips for you to create apps and even start an app business. And this without technical knowledge needed!

You may also want to know how to make an app for iphone, android or windows? The 3 main platforms.

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How to make an app? Here are the major conventional steps:

1. Having an idea:

You may already have an idea of app to be created…because you would love to find it or because you think it might be a success.
Is it
a unique idea for an application? There is, as you probably know, a billion (ok, maybe not a billion) of published applications.
So what makes an application stand out? Why would someone want to use your app? Why they would pay if you go to charge for it?

2. Aligning with a niche:

Some marketers will start with this step trying to find out in what area the demand is and trying to imagine an app corresponding to this specific demand.
Yes this can be the first step in how to create an app for iphone, for android or for ipad..

3. Analyzing the competition:

There may be a demand but what about the competition. In this area, there are two approaches. Having competition can be an indicator of a huge demand
or it can also indicate that the market or the niche is saturated.  
As a marketinga approach, it is natural to do a benchmark study! Two advantages of doing so:
– you will see the competition both in quality and quantity and evaluate how hard it may be to launch your app on your niche market…
– you will also gather ideas of ergonomics, navigation and functionality that you perhaps had not initially envisioned
To do this simply go through the Apple Store or via the iPhone or via your PC / Mac and look for some keywords associated with what would be his idea …
If nothing comes out, fine, it’s a good new.
Now let's see how to create an app for free or for cheap fee.

4. Designing the app:

An app must be visually appealing and user friendly. This is a key step to success in how to create an app for android or iphone and hope becoming a top-seller!
hen a potential user will see the details of your application, you will probably have to skip over the description to view the first screenshots that will convince
him of the quality of your application. I recommend you to hire a graphic designer and put a special effort to refine these few first screens. Thereafter, if the user
is still interested, he will return to the description that will captivate the very first paragraph. Finally, you should favor a short list of features that distinguish your
application rather than long paragraphs of text. Now how to create an app on a programming level.

5. Programming the app:

The next step is to actually create the app. You need to know how to plan the development of a mobile application. This is one of the biggest myths when it comes
to creating an app. All you need is the two programs and perhaps some money. There are also many sites that also offer advice on how to create an app for free
or how to create an app for iphone or android. This step is probably the one that is holding many people in creating an app.
You can do it yourself or outsource it to a skilled programmer.

6. Pricing you app:

How much will you charge per download? What is your breakeven as regards to your initial investment? What is the psychological price on your market.
The general lesson  is if an application approach of the Top 100, do not hesitate to sell out to enable a quick and efficient climbing.
But as soon at it begins to fall, you  must go back to keep the price of viable income. Once out of the rankings, you will be dealing with a market “normal”
and will then seek the equilibrium price.
Do you see clearer in how to create an app for free or a free app for future success now?

7. Launching and networking:

You now need to market your app as much as possible to differentiate it from the crowd and become viral. Above all, when you submit your application
to Apple, you’ll need a website and a link to user support. So why not create it early in the development process and use it as a promotional medium?
Make sure that there contains the following elements: the creation of a Facebook page is also a must for creating a craze.
You can put a preview of your application, as well as news on its development. Think of a way to encourage people to become fans of your page.
For example, you could take some of the 100 promo codes you have.
Of course, other social networks like Twitter and Google +, can also be used as a promotional tool, provided you have enough time to maintain good content.

These steps are the most common and most conventional in how to make an app but can they can be enriched, sometimes automated or simplified...or even changed to a more unconventional way!

Hey! Leave your comments, suggestions and ideas below...